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Use LCR Pro1 Tweezers-Style LCR Meter to Measure Small Inductors Accurately

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Tweezers-style LCR meters used to have a test frequency of no more than 10kHz due to their limitation in size and power consumption. Therefore, they are not suitable for small inductance measurement (<1uH), which requires a higher test frequency. Thanks to its sophisticated hardware and firmware design, the #LcrPro1 became the world’s first tweezer-style #LcrMeter that delivered 0.1% basic accuracy and 100kHz test frequency. It allows tweezers-style LCR meters to accurately measure small inductance: a feature once only available in high-end desktop LCR meters. Below are some test results of small inductance measurement in 100nH range.

Tips: Parasitic parameters greatly affect the accuracy of small inductance measurement. We recommend performing self-calibration before doing measurement, to offset the LCR meter’s internal and external parasitic parameters for better accuracy.

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