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LCR Data Logger

Convenient Software for LCR Meter Programming & Data Logging

User interface of LCR Data Logger

The LCR Data Logger is free, easy-to-use Windows based software available to download from our website. It provides an intuitive user interface for you to remotely control the LCR Pro1 when it is connected to your PC via the Link1. 


The software can set up various measurement parameters and record test results into an Excel spreadsheet along with several other unique functions, such as:

  • Data filter: set a threshold to prevent undesired data from being logged due to bad contact, switching components, etc.

  • Multi-component identification: the device performs step-by-step measurement on several components. You don’t need to switch the testing parameters manually; the device automatically sets the parameters according to the programming.

Intuitive Visual Measurement

LCR Data Logger comes with a useful function called Visual Measurement. In Visual Measurement, you can load your board picture and program all the test parameters on that picture.

During measurement, the program displays your board picture and indicates the location of the component under testing. The test parameters are automatically set up for each component and the real-time results are displayed on both the device and PC. Once the test is completed, the device reports Pass or Fail and records all the test data including test results and test parameters.

The Visual Measurement lets you run in-circuit measurements more conveniently as the component under testing can be easily found from using the picture. It improves productivity especially for applications that require duplicated measurements, such as production lines, repair center, etc.

Visual measurement of LCR Data Logger

Visual Measurement PCB View

1. Control panel:
For selecting test points and zoom in/out picture.

2. Real time data:
Real time parameter settings and measurement results.

3. Whole board view:
A pair of yellow cursors indicate where the current component is located.

4. The current component under testing:
Solid yellow line indicates the component under testing.
Filled with green color indicates the result is PASS (red if FAIL).
Component designator (C2) is also displayed.

5. Component hasn’t been tested yet:
Filled with yellow color indicates this component hasn’t been tested yet.
Component designator (C5) is also displayed.

6. Component has already been tested:
Filled with green color indicates the result is PASS (red if FAIL).
Component designator (R10) is also displayed.

A High Performance Library for Developing Your Own Test Code

The LCR Communication Interface Library is an efficient and easy to use Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that gives users the ability to write their own programs to control LCR Pro1. It was developed with Visual C# and has a set of functions to initialize and maintain communication to LCR Pro1, read measurement results, set and read measurement parameters, and configure the device’s user interface. The library also contains an example project which can be used as a template for users to create their own LCR Pro1 test code and embed it to different test platforms.

Please go to the Downloads page to download the following things:

1. LCR Data Logger Software
2. LCR Data Logger User Manual
3. LCR Communication Interface Library and Sample Code
4. Software Development Guide of LCR Communication Interface Library

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