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4 Reasons to Use LCR Pro1 Instead of Desktop or Handheld LCR Meters

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

#LcrPro1 is a high-precision tweezers-style #LcrMeter. It integrates a pair of tweezers-like probes and an LCR meter into a single compact, lightweight, battery powered device. Here are 4 reasons why an LCR Pro1 is preferable to other desktop or handheld LCR meters for LCR measurements.

1. Super Easy to Use

The Pro1 is much smaller and lighter than traditional LCR meters. It is an all-in-one miniature device you can carry in your shirt pocket to perform LCR measurements anywhere you’d like.

The ergonomic design for one-handed operation makes the process of taking measurements and reading results effortless.

2. Ultra-Precise Tweezer-Style Test Tips

The tweezer-style gold plated test tips pick up different types of components quickly and reliably, from big through hole components to very tiny 01005 size SMD components. The ultra-precise test tips make in-circuit testing super convenient. You can easily reach the component under test without touching the adjacent components, even in a very crowded area.

3. Automatic Component Identification

The Pro1 simplifies measurements by using the automatic component identification function. It automatically detects component type (L, C, or R) and selects proper testing frequency and circuit mode. It makes component testing very convenient, especially for those unknown components without clear markings.

4. Ideal for In-Circuit Testing

The Pro1 measures the impedance of the component on board and gives enough data to identify failed components or IC pins. With test voltage as low as 0.2V, the Pro1 won’t forward bias the active components during in-circuit testing. Therefore, the test results are more accurate and reliable.

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