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  • 1. Where are your products made?
    All our LCR meters are designed and manufactured in Canada.
  • 2. Where can I buy your products?
    You can buy our products from our store at this website, from our store at or from our authorized distributors. Detailed information is available at the Partners page.
  • 3. What is your product warranty?
    We offer 1 year limited warranty and lifetime support for our products. Please check out our Warranty page for detials.
  • 4. Have your LCR meters been calibrated? How often should I do re-calibration?
    All our LCR meters are calibrated in production. They are pretty stable to use. We recommend to do re-calibration once a year, but it depends on the place of use requirements. The re-calibration can be done at any calibration lab that can calibrate traditional LCR meters.
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