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LCR Elite2


Tweezer-style LCR meter LCR Elite2 measures SMD components.
Smart Tweezers-style LCR meter LCR Pro1 Plus measures LED.

LCR Pro1 Plus

我们最精准的 LCR 电桥具有 LED 测试功能

LCR Pro1

全球首创 0.1% 测量精度,支持电脑通讯的镊子式 LCR 电桥

Smart Tweezers-style LCR meter LCR Pro1 outline
Smart Tweezers-style LCR meter LCR Elite1 outline

LCR Elite1


LCR Link1


LCR Link1 from LCR Research




For LCR measurements.....look no further ! 

The LCR Research Pro1 Plus is indeed the best product on the market. I am a seasoned EE hardware engineer and have purchased and used several variants of "Smart Tweezers" over the last two decades. All of them more or less useful, yet sub-optimal in many respects. LCR Research has raised the bar significantly and I commend them for actually "doing it right".

Kindle Customer



High quality instrument that works exceptionally well.


Product is excellent, easy to use, and impressively accurate. It is able to properly measure the inductance of 1 inch of wire accurately, which no other instrument at the university where I work could measure. The many parameters it can measure make it very useful. While it is somewhat more expensive than other units, the cost is more than justified by the quality and capability it offers.

Jay Dee



An indispensable bench tool for testing, prototyping, low-volume production, or R&D work.

A fantastic little device. I'm a repeat customer; I also own a much older version (bought 10+ years ago) and this new design is a substantial improvement in every way. I consider it an indispensable tool on my bench. Kudos to the LCR Research team for a beautifully-executed product!



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