TestRack Inc.

TestRack is a manufacturers representative corporation based in Florida. The company was started by Rich Muro in January 2005. The reason for starting TestRack was to benefit both customers and sales professionals by offering more than a body showing up at a customers site and soliciting business. TestRack uses pleasant sales engineers who want to develop a sincere relationship with customers with complete honesty and intelligence. Our Sales professionals each have extensive experience and background knowledge of Test and Measurement systems. We will advise the absolute best way to perform a task and get the best value for their dollar, even if it means recommending a product we do not sell. This is how we build trust from our customers. The result is a bond where customers will call TestRack first. TestRack sales Engineers benefit by being paid more commissions than other Rep firms pay. This monetary justification removes any complacency. The individual is compensated for their work. More work provides more dollars, a simple concept resulting in no confusion or animosity. TestRack uses money to motivate, happy sales engineers radiate a positive aura that only helps our relationship with both customers and principals.

Toll Free: + 1-800-827-5113
Email: [email protected]
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