Company Milestones


LCR Elite2, a smart tweezers LCR meter

The LCR Elite2 was released. It is an LCR tweezers protected by the Aegis Technology, which is our patent pending solution to automatically protect the LCR meter from being damaged from energized components.

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LCR Pro1 Plus, a smart tweezers LCR meter

The LCR Pro1 Plus, an innovative device that combines the LCR measurement with LED testing function, was released.

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The LCR communication interface library was released to provide a powerful and flexible tool for test engineers to write their own code to control the LCR products on their test platforms.

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LCR Pro1, a smart tweezers LCR meter

The LCR Pro1, the world's first LCR tweezers with 0.1% basic accuracy and PC connectivity, was released

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LCR Link1, data isolator for LCR PC connectivity

The LCR Link1, a USB dongle style communication module for isolated data and power transfer, was released.

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LCR Data Logger software for LCR meter data logging

The LCR Data Logger software was introduced for data logging and device programming.

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LCR Elite1, a smart tweezers LCR meter

Our first LCR tweezers, the LCR Elite1, were released. It measures resistance, capacitance and inductance with 0.5% basic accuracy.

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LCR Research Ltd, a high tech company with a focus on research and development of novel test instruments, was founded in Toronto, Canada.