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Trust the Pro for Your LCR Measurements

Discover the Best LCR Meter Gadgets for SMD component testing and conducting ESR measurements with our Famous LCR Tweezer-style Meters, a reliable, portable, and essential device in your tool kit

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LCR Elite2

Redesigned with Aegis Technology, the Elite 2 model protects against energized components and is more powerful, delivering more accurate results

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LCR Pro1 Plus

Our Most Accurate LCR Meter with LED Testing Function

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LCR Pro1

World’s first tweezer-style LCR meter with 0.1% accuracy and PC connectivity

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LCR Elite1

An efficient and convenient way to test SMD components

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LCR Link1

A complete solution for isolated data and power transfer

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Nancy from NH

Product is excellent, easy to use, and impressively accurate. It is able to properly measure the inductance of 1 inch of wire accurately, which no other instrument at the university where I work could measure. The many parameters it can measure make it very useful.

Victor - Amazon

To sum up my review, the LCR Elite2 is a great LCR tweezers for SMD component measurements and in circuit troubleshooting. I highly recommend this product.

Zhen - Amazon

The LCR Elite2 is an excellent instrument for SMD component measurement and in-circuit troubleshooting. I use this instrument primarily for board repairing. It works almost exactly as described – accurate, precise and fairly easy to use.

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